Intelligent lighting system for billboards
Photovoltaic installation mounted in the same billboard pole (rotary)
A hybrid wind/photovoltaic system to illuminate the billboard

        The illumination of billboards during the night sometimes presents complicated problems due to factors such as the location or customer eventuality. The first factor can suppose difficulties and high energy transportation costs from the billboard to the electrical grid, which will reoccur when the billboard has to be located in another place for reasons owing to the second factor.

        These difficulties and costs can be minimized using the intelligent system for billboard illumination powered by wind or photovoltaic energy from Soluciones Energéticas. This system is very flexible, and is suitable for all customer requirements.

        The main system characteristics are the following:

        - Charge control:  the control circuit has a charge controller that regulates the level of charge of the battery and ensures that it does not over-charge or over-discharge beyond the levels indicated by the battery manufacturer, correcting the presets depending on the temperature. This circuit is able to adapt the operation time of the lights to the state of charge of the battery in order to maximise the efficiency of the system and, in consequence the use of the available energy.

        - Protection systems: each light has its own protection, if one of them fails, the others are not affected.

        - Daily automatic self checking: every day the device checks all the protections systems, disconnecting the damaged elements and distributing the stored energy among the others.

        - Maximum conversion efficiency: higher than 90% including the inverter and the ballasts.

        - State-of-the-art lamps: high luminous efficiency and optimum color reproduction.

        - Interchangability: all devices can operate between 4 and 16 lights.

        - Easy transportation and installation: all boxes and luminaries have the same connectors.

        - Low costs

        - Remote control option: alarms, timing configuration...

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