Soluciones Energéticas S.A.

    Soluciones Energéticas, S.A. is a renewable energy company. We design and manufacture our own products and solutions for:

    - Solar photovoltaic (PV): We design and manufacture all the components of a PV system located between the PV modules, the batteries and the application. This includes the charge controllers, inverters, ballasts, controllers, sensors, remote control devices and data acquisition systems, maximum power point trackers, metallic support structures...

    - Wind energy: We manufacture wind generators of our own design with power range upto 15 kW and their charge controllers. We also install wind pumps for water supply. At this moment we are working on a wind generator of 20 kW.

    - Hydraulic energy: We manufacture micro turbines upto 5 kW of power and high efficiency photovoltaic water pumps based on highly resistant positive displacement pumps.
    The applications of these systems are very wide: rural and home electrification, water pumping applications for irrigation, livestock watering and village drinking supply, navigation applications such as railroad signals, buoys or airport approach systems, telecommunications applications (radio, TV, mobile phones), outdoor lighting and billboards, etc.

Made in Spain                                   Chinese free

    All our products are designed and manufactured in Spain, following international standards about quality and environment protection. We try to support local companies, avoiding low-quality far-east products.

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