Educational products

    Soluciones Energéticas manufacture portable systems for educational purposes. These systems include a solar module, an electronic regulator, a modified sine wave inverter and a battery. We also have systems with a pump. These basic instalations are fully functional.

    The regulator displays the temperature, the battery voltage, module's current, power and supplied energy, peaks of all values...

Basic portable educational system
The mechanical design allows easy transportation
Detail of the regulator and the inverter
New version , now with pure sine wave inverter and solid state regulator
    Another device manufactured by our company is based in an alternator (the same used in our wind generator Vélter B) conected to a lamp cluster. The number of lit lamps depends on the instantaneous generated power. It allows a better understanding of the power/energy concepts and magnitude.
    We have systems showing how the fuel cells work. In addition to the electric car in the photo below, we have dual cell systems (a photovoltaic module converts light into electricity, a fuel cell hydrolizes water with this electricity, another fuel cell recombines the hydrogen and oxygen generating electricity that moves an electric motor).
Electric car powered by a fuel cell

    We also have mini Pelton turbines for teaching purposes. You can see them in our products page.

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