The most important applications in the field of renewable energies are the following:

    - Public lighting

    - Home electrification
        Rural homes         Remote towns         Kiosks     - Cars
        Caravans         Cars         Mobile generators         Mobile applications         Boats
    - Billboards     - Agricultural applications
       Water pumping systems         Automatic irrigation systems         Silos and storage         Automatic water supplier for livestock
        Electrified walls
        Greenhouses         Bays in Farms        Hunting farms  
    - Telecommunications
        TV, radio and mobile telephone repeaters        Radiotelephones     - Transports
        Meteorological and atmospheric observatories         Sail signaling (buoys, fares y Radio fares)         Highway help aid
        Parking         Navigation applications in boats, GPS
        Data acquisition systems     - Water Treatment
        Water treatment plant         Water Chlorinate
        Fertile irrigation
    - Grid connection  

    Exclusive Systems

    Soluciones Energéticas has designed and developed through its R&D department, a series of exclusive systems for specific applications:

    - Photovoltaic systems to manage water treatment plants. The installation of water treatment plants in rural towns is a very urgent necessity, and mandatory for towns with a certain number of inhabitants. In most of the cases, the installation of a photovoltaic system solves the problem of energy supply to the plant at a lower price than the conventional grid.

    - Direct water pumping systems with AC submersible pump of high efficiency. These are stand alone water pumping systems able to pump large water flows from very deep wells with a diameter greater than 4". They are formed by a photovoltaic generator, a power control system with an optimization card and a submersible AC motor-pump. The optimization card operates the system at its maximum power point, increasing the system efficiency.

    - Direct solar water pumping systems with submersible DC pump of very high efficiency. They use the most advanced technologies in impellers and in electronics to obtain the highest efficiency in liters per Watt in the market.

    - Intelligent systems for lighting billboards powered with photovoltaic solar energy and wind energy. It is a very flexible system, due to its simple transportation and installation, its operation is also very safe because it monitors the environmental conditions and auto-regulates its operation depending on those conditions.

    - Hybrid wind-photovoltaic systems with an auxiliary diesel generator. These are especially well suited to installations with high energy demand in defined and short periods of time. The system operates in such a way that, when the batteries are in a low state of charge or the load demand is very high, the auxiliary generator starts-up, and through a charge controller/inverter, supplies the energy to the installation at the same time as charging the batteries to their optimum level.

     - Grid connection of photovoltaic systems. These are composed of a photovoltaic array and a sinewave inverter that provides electrical energy of similar characteristics to the conventional grid. During the day the photovoltaic generator supplies the energy directly to the installation in the home, any excess of energy being sold to the electrical company. During the night, any consumption of electrical energy is supplied by the grid.